Allowing the life-changing wisdom of God's Word to transform us and build up our children's faith.


Be Guardians of the Truth

A long-time Sunday School teacher shares insights on what parents may need to do to pass biblical truths to the next generation.

Take Delight in Your Children

Show your children that you love and cherish them, and you’ll give them the best home for a fulfilling life.

Ministry to Grieving Parents

Nancy Guthrie shares how we can come alongside grieving parents, and point them to hope.


Discipline Is Not Punishment: Tim Kimmel

Correcting a child needs to be done out of love and with the right motivation, says Tim Kimmel, CEO of Family Matters and author of many books on family relationships.

5 Life Lessons From Motherhood: Cheah Fung Fong

“The cascading blessing down the generations starts with me,” says full-time working mum Cheah Fung Fong.

Our Prodigal Son: Joseph and Joni Oh

Joseph and Joni’s youngest son dropped out of school for two years, but instead of exerting their authority, they learnt to “let go and let God”.



Give Us This Day #3

A devotional with 31 fun-filled stories that illustrate biblical truths and convey spiritual lessons the whole family can identify with.


Give Us This Day #4

Issue 4 is now available! Draw closer to God and to one another with this 31-day devotional that explains God’s Word through engaging stories.


Help! I’m Stressed About My Child's Education

Gain biblical wisdom on how to guide and manage your children's studies in the stressful academic rat race.


Help! My Kids Want More Screen Time

Learn how to have open and meaningful discussions with your kids about screen time and digital distraction.


Respect for Children

Christian parents must seek Christ in humility and trust His plans for their sons and daughters.

God's Design For The Family

The strongest society is one in which families are held together under the authority of the Scripture.

The High Calling of Wives and Mothers

Our culture is confused about the great privilege and task of making a home; the investment a mother makes in the lives of her children is invaluable.


What is God Saying to Parents?

Dig deeper in Ephesians 6:4 to discover the practical implications for parenting.

How Can You Help Your Child Obey God? [5-min video]

Find out what it takes to bring a child up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

How Not to Exasperate Your Child [4-min video]

Hear Lim Chien Chong, father of two, share his experience on how not to provoke your child, and tips on what a parent can do instead.