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Ruth Wan-Lau

Ruth Wan-Lau has spent over a decade working in publishing. She is currently an editor and writer with Our Daily Bread Ministries (Singapore) and is also a children’s book author who has written over 30 books, including the well-known Timmy and Tammy series. Ruth and her husband are blessed with three amazing children.

Articles by Ruth Wan-Lau

How To Talk To Your Children About... Handphones

Use these pointers to turn your child’s request for a handphone into an opportunity for faith-building conversation.

How To Talk To Your Children About... Disease

With the spread of the COVID-19, use these pointers that help connect the topic of disease and sickness with our Christian faith, as you talk to your children.

Are We Mentors Or Tormentors?: Ruth Wan-Lau

Many parents want their kids to do well in their studies. But are we pushing them too hard?


Help! I’m Stressed About My Child's Education

Gain biblical wisdom on how to guide and manage your children's studies in the stressful academic rat race.


Help! My Kids Want More Screen Time

Learn how to have open and meaningful discussions with your kids about screen time and digital distraction.

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