The instruction in Ephesians 6:4 to bring children up “in the training and instruction of the Lord” is not just about parenting—it is also about living a new life in Christ.

Dig deeper into this verse with father of two Lim Chien Chong, as he discovers spiritual and practical implications for parenting in a world of challenges and temptations.

For Reflections:

• What’s one worldly influence on parenting that you need to guard against?
• How can you persevere in prayer more?

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Lim Chien Chong has been with the Singapore Youth For Christ since 1998, and its National Director since 2005. He serves in the pulpit, Bible class and children’s ministry in his church, and teaches in churches and youth groups across Singapore. He has been married for 18 years and has two boys, 11 and 15 years old.

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